Graph'Up : gamme d'additifs de performance à base de graphène de Carbon Waters

Press release – Carbon Waters Announces Successful €2... Carbon Waters

The French startup Carbon Waters, specializing in the development and production of lines of high-performance industrial additives, announces it has raised 2 million euros. Recognized by BPI France and France Industrie as a decarbonization startup in the materials category, Carbon Waters is ramping up its industrial production with a new pilot factory.  This year the […]

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Carbon Waters Takes Action to Decarbonize the Industry Carbon Waters

Faced with the challenges of climate change, diminishing natural resources, and the energy and environmental transition, Carbon Waters is developing solutions to reduce the impact of materials and committing to decarbonizing its production processes. Its ambitious road map echoes the government’s action plan to decarbonize the industry. Carbon Waters has been recognized by Bpifrance and […]

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The European Macramé Consortium

Carbon Waters Joins the European Macramé Program Carbon Waters

Last December, Carbon Waters became part of the European Macramé project, a consortium with 19 partners. Its mission is considerable: Run tests to precisely characterize graphene nanoparticles and their toxicity throughout the product lifecycle. Lucie Chupin explains, “The three-year European Macramé project has gathered stakeholders from academies, business, and laboratories around several case studies on […]

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High Performance Thermal Glue Carbon Waters

After some promising initial testing, the first graphene-based thermal glue is scheduled to appear in 2022. We revisit this achievement that “sticks to” its market expectations. At first, it looks like any other glue. Or almost. The graphene-enhanced thermal glue that Carbon Waters is developing will offer numerous properties, while preserving every bit of its […]

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A new Anticorrosion Concentrate Made of Graphene Carbon Waters

Carbon Waters’ new anticorrosion Masterbatch made of preformulated graphene will hit the building and construction market in 2021. The Masterbatch has received support from both the Ministry of Research and a European program. Read more about this product focused on respecting humans and nature from Alban Chesneau, CEO of Carbon Waters. After two years of […]

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Carbon Waters joins the European Program NewSkin! Carbon Waters

The European consortium NEW SKIN includes 36 organizations and companies, among them Carbon Waters. Our shared goal: finding new nanotechnology-based solutions to improve surfaces. France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, and Poland. 36 organizations and companies from these eight European countries have been selected to join the NEW SKIN consortium. With a budget of […]

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Carbon Waters launched a new reactor! Carbon Waters

Increasing the production Carbon Waters has recently acquired a reactor to increase the production of its carbonaceous materials and meet industrial demand. A new milestone reached for Carbon Waters: As of last summer, our company has a laboratory-grade production reactor. This equipment is taking us one step further on our path to scale up the process, […]

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“Thrilled to join a start-up that offers numerous... Carbon Waters

Interview with Thomas Bottein, R&D Engineer, who joined the team in 2019 to work on application developments. “Thrilled to join a start-up that offers numerous challenges” What led you to join Carbon Waters? I arrived last February 2019 to help the team meet the growing demand from industrial companies. It fulfilled my wish to become […]

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Graphene: an excellent anti-corrosion protector Carbon Waters

Carbon Waters produces stable dispersions of graphene in water and deposits them on metal surfaces by electroplating; it is the only company in the world to achieve this feat. The result is a graphene of superior quality, especially for combatting corrosion, according to Charlotte Gallois, innovation manager for Carbon Waters. What are the properties of graphene? “Graphene is […]

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