Graphene has many benefits for the construction industry

Graphene: an innovative ally for sustainable buildings Graphene

In a context where the transition to more sustainable, environmentally-friendly construction has become a priority, the integration of innovative materials and disruptive technologies plays a crucial role. Among these materials, graphene is a promising solution for revolutionizing the building sector. In this article, Carbon Waters takes a look at the current state of play in […]

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Le graphène permet d'alléger les avions et renforcer leurs structures

Aerospace: how does graphene meet the sector’s challenges? Graphene

Faced with global warming, the aerospace industry is in the throes of a real environmental crisis, and must achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 – a considerable challenge for the entire sector. Thanks to its multiple properties, graphene ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting the challenges facing the aeronautics sector: decarbonization through lighter […]

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Le graphène comme solution pour augmenter la durée de vie des éoliennes

Wind power: what are the challenges and how... Graphene

Since the early 1990s, more and more wind turbines – modern windmills that convert the energy of the wind into electricity – have been blooming in our landscapes. As part of the energy transition, the wind turbine market is expanding to offer greener energy with controlled environmental impact. According to Ademe, this energy source is […]

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Is graphene toxic to human health? Graphene

Graphene was discovered relatively recently. While everyone agrees on its incredible properties and the possibilities it brings to industry in particular, more and more studies are also aiming to assess graphene’s toxicity on human health. This issue is attracting growing interest, including from the general public, particularly since the health crisis of 2020-2021, when graphene-based […]

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Graphene in the Age of Sustainable Development Graphene

Could graphene be an answer to the problems of sustainable development and resource preservation? That, in fact, is the game plan for Carbon Waters, which is applying its environmentally responsible policies to the production, logistics, and development of raw materials. A discussion with Alban Chesneau, CEO of Carbon Waters, follows. Carbon Waters CEO Alban Chesneau […]

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Graphene’s Recognized Mechanical Properties Graphene

In addition to its anticorrosion properties and its thermal conductivity, graphene is highly fracture-resistant. Carbon Waters is using this knowledge to develop a liquid-graphene-based additive to enhance the mechanical properties of several materials and composites. The result will offer a major advantage for cutting-edge industries like aeronautics and space. Two hundred times more resistant than […]

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Graphene, a super antifouling agent

Graphene: a Superb Antifouling Agent Graphene

Now that it has explored the mechanical and anticorrosion properties of graphene, Carbon Waters is determined to develop a broad-spectrum antifouling additive to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. Turning graphene into an antifouling additive Flashback to March 2020—the global pandemic strikes the planet, forcing many countries into lockdown. With the health crisis as […]

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How to assess the quality of graphene? Graphene

To date, recommendations on graphene characterization have been drawn up, with a view to global standardization. Graphene Quality : A key factor Although most graphene producers provide technical data, the studies are difficult to compare and it is impossible to know whether measurements are carried out systematically. As a result, there is a distinct lack […]

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Charlotte’s nanorecipes: How to make a great onion... Graphene

A nanorecipe to make a great onion stock and other graphene bouillons Hello everyone! Today I am offering you a cooking mainstay: onion stock, the essential ingredient used to enhance the flavor of so many recipes. When it’s peeled correctly, graphene is an additive that can be used sparingly to enhance the mechanical, thermal, barrier, […]

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Charlotte’s nanorecipes: How to make a good mint... Graphene

A nanorecipe to make the best homemade mint syrup and other cooling liquids Hello everyone! Today I am giving you the nanorecipe for homemade mint syrup. It’s so refreshing, especially when you jazz it up with Grandma’s secret ingredient. Cooling liquids are used in numerous types of equipment, like in airplanes, for example, or in […]

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Head : The first Sporting Goods Manufacturer to... Graphene

It has already been established that graphene can significantly increase the most important properties of shoes, such as their grip, lightness, or elasticity. The sporting goods industry, eager for innovation, has swiftly become interested in graphene for its ability to improve performance in a variety of sporting goods. Why Head uses graphene? Head is one of the world’s leading sporting goods […]

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Graphene for Aeronautics and Space Graphene

Good news for graphene in aeronautics and space travels! “Terribly enthusiastic!” That was how Richard Branson, media darling and director of Virgin Galactic, reacted to the potential of graphene in aeronautics and space travel. Faced with increasing environmental constraints, the aeronautics industry is actively looking for ways to remove weight while increasing the structural strength of […]

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