Graph'Up Optim
Performance additives to optimize the production process of composites

Developed by Carbon Waters, Graph’Up Optim additives improve the curing process of composite materials, enabling them to reach a high glass transition temperature more quickly.

Available as a stable graphene/epoxy masterbatch, Optim products are ready-to-use and compatible with all epoxy-based formulations.


Increased productivity and energy efficiency for ever more efficient polymers and composites

Incorporated into epoxy formulations, Graph’Up Optim additives enhance productivity and achieve significant cost savings by reducing the curing time or temperature required to attain the desired properties.

Pre-dispersed, these additives are compatible with all conventional industrial production processes such as injection, infusion, RTM (low-pressure resin transfer molding), or filament winding.

In the aerospace, automotive, energy, defence, marine and construction sectors, Graph’Up Optim products are ideal for improving the thermal resistance of materials.

Performance of the <br />
Graph’up Optim Range

Performance of the
Graph’up Optim Range

  • Optimization of composite curing cycle.
  • Reduction of curing time by up to 60%.
  • Lower curing temperature, offering energy savings.
  • Increased thermal resistance of materials.
  • No impact on viscosity.
  • Compatible with all epoxy-based formulations.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Compatible with major industrial production processes (injection, infusion and RTM, filament winding, etc.).
  • Other matrices possible on request.

Available in epoxy base
for epoxy-based formulations

Performance of the <br />
Graph’up Optim Range

Further information available on request, contact Charlotte Gallois.

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Graph’Up Optim



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