Graph'Up Preserv
Anti-clogging Performance Additives for Paint Film

Graph’Up Preserv additives protect paint film by reducing the adhesion of dirt from atmospheric pollution as well as soiling by microorganisms. They help improve the water-repellent properties of the coating.

Graph’Up Preserv additives are available in waterborne form, and can be integrated directly into the paint or varnish formulation.

Preservation and Reinforcement of Paint Film

Depending on the environment in which they are located, coatings are subjected to degrees of challenging conditions that directly impact their visual appearance or structural integrity, especially in the case of outdoor or facade coatings.

Whether they are climatic conditions (humidity, tropical temperatures, marine climate) or atmospheric conditions (biological or chemical pollution, atmospheric residues), they can lead to the accumulation of dirt and the proliferation of microorganisms, moss, algae, lichen or fungi on the surfaces of the frames, causing the clogging of the paint film.

When incorporated into the formulation of a paint, Graph’Up Preserv additives prevent such damage by reinforcing the film and delaying the appearance of dirt, thus affording lasting protection to outdoor coatings.

Le graphène a des propriétés antibactériennes permettant de protéger les surfaces des bâtiments
Performance of the<br />
Graph'Up Preserv Product Range

Performance of the
Graph'Up Preserv Product Range

  • Clogging of the paint film slowed down
  • Easy-to-clean coatings
  • Growth of biofilm (microorganisms) slowed down durably
  • Increased water-repellent properties
  • Protected and reinforced paint film
  • Barrier performance of the coating durably improved by blocking the onset of porosity
  • Increased service life of paints and varnishes
  • Reduced use of regulated active products such as biocides

Available as in aqueous dispersion form
for aqueous formulation

Performance of the<br />
Graph'Up Preserv Product Range

Product under development
launching in 2024

Additional information available upon request. Contact Nicolas Castet:

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