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Since it was founded in 2017, Carbon Waters has collaborated on a wide range of projects with numerous manufacturers in equally diverse areas, as the fields of application for our graphene-based performance additives are infinite. Today, more than 50 customers place their trust in us.

As these projects involve highly innovative subjects, sometimes still under development by our customers, we attach great importance to maintaining confidentiality.

We invite you to explore a few examples of successful collaborations, through case studies and customer testimonials.

Customer case studies

Unikalo: Innovation in paint design makes eco-friendly anticorrosion protection a reality

The goal of the project, begun in 2019, was to create a high-performance water-based anticorrosion paint. Thanks to its intrinsic hydro-barrier properties and its environmentally sustainable nature, graphene was chosen as a suitable additive.

Extract: “We started the project by testing the various types of graphene available on the market, most of which were in powdered form. We ran numerous tests and the only technology we chose was from Carbon Waters. We quickly gave up on the others for various reasons, particularly due to the difficulty of incorporating the additive or unsatisfactory results“, Charlotte Moeyaert, Director of R&D and Innovation at Unikalo.


AD Industries: The dynamism of space industry is driving innovation in composites

Looking for heat-conducting adhesives for its energy-dissipating composite assemblies, the AD Industries group turned to Carbon Waters and its graphene-enriched performance additives. This innovation project was supported by CNES (Centre National d’Études Spatiales, the French space agency).

Extract: “With Carbon Waters, we opted for enriching conventional industrial adhesives to obtain a much less expensive product. Of course, we used aerospace-grade adhesives that can withstand radiation and do not outgas, since it’s important not to have to requalify an entire system. The initial results are encouraging, with thermal conductivity already increasing with a very low graphene concentration of just 2%“, Hugues Lemaire, Technical Manager at AD Industries

Lucie Chupin, responsable projets R&D Carbon Waters et Hugues Lemaire, directeur technique AD Industries

Customer testimonials

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Our collaboration with Carbon Waters has been very successful and pleasant. The proposed technology (integration of graphene into the fluid to increase its conductivity and thus heat exchange within the component), allows us to foresee new possibilities for the use of our components. Carbon Waters' mindset is very much in line with our own, with an entrepreneurial spirit and top-notch responsiveness. We're continuing our discussions to broaden the scope of our collaboration! Nicolas WEBER, Head of Physics and Functional Design Group – S&T


ArianeGroup had the opportunity to carry out several projects with Carbon Waters to evaluate graphene technology for the functionalization of materials. Each time, we noted the great professionalism of the teams. Right from the analysis of the need, the problem posed was relevant and the technical proposal of high quality. Always attentive to the customer's needs and in a constructive frame of mind, the work was carried out in close collaboration with the technical teams. The work carried out was always excellent, and the results met our expectations. The reliability, competence and professionalism of Carbon Waters' teams are the keys to a successful collaboration. Philippe BRIANT, R&T Directorate ; Partnerships



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