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To actively participate in an innovative industrial world and open up new horizons in the field of advanced materials, Carbon Waters is involved in various projects, including collaborative ventures, which contribute to making graphene an energy-efficient and environmental solution.

Collaborative projects


The European NewSkin OITB (Open Innovation Test Bed) project aims to accelerate the industrial adoption of advanced surface nanotechnologies. With a budget of over €15 million, this project brings together 35 partners (academic, industrial, laboratories, etc.) from all over Europe. The project started in mid-2020 and is scheduled to run for 4 years. It should result in the development of around 50 nano-activated prototypes and finished products.

Carbon Waters joined the project at an early stage. Our role is to develop solutions for improving coatings (nanocoatings) using graphene, in particular for corrosion protection (marine, offshore, biofouling) and intumescent coating protection.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 862100 (NewSkin).


The European MACRAMÉ program, involving 19 partners and launched at the end of 2022, aims to assess and predict the health and environmental risks of advanced materials. The aim is to subject non-spherical nanoparticles to rigorous standards and working methods.

In this project, Carbon Waters is both a graphene producer and an “experimenter”, as we are carrying out the study on a graphene-enriched varnish for batteries. The hazard-free nature of the graphene used in this varnish will be analyzed, first during its application and then at the end of its lifespan. This will enable us to accurately determine the toxicity and ecotoxicity of graphene nanoparticles in finished products, throughout their lifecycle.

MACRAMÉ has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101092686.

The European Macramé Consortium

Carbon Waters development projects


The three-year Epograph project, which started in mid-2022, aims to develop a range of products based on graphene in epoxy resins, suitable for a wide variety of applications. The aim is to address major industrial and environmental challenges with these high value-added performance additives. This range will enhance the thermal performance and durability of paints, adhesives and composites.

These products will have multiple impacts:

  • Replacement of controversial paint additives, for which no economically or industrially viable alternative exists today, by Carbon Waters products.
  • Lighter transport structures to reduce CO2
  • Extended battery lifespan for electric vehicles.

This project received funding from Bpifrance under the “Deeptech Development Assistance” program.

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