Graph'Up Oxi
Anticorrosion Performance Additives
for Paint and Varnish

The unique properties of the Graph’Up Oxi additives make it highly effective in protecting materials from corrosion and oxidation, even in harsh environments.

They are used in replacement of regulated additives or synergistically with traditional additives to increase anti-corrosion effectiveness and extend the life of coatings.

Proven Effectiveness Against Corrosion of Coatings

Graph’Up Oxi anti-corrosion additives are available in aqueous (Graph’Up Oxi W) or organic (Graph’Up Oxi S) phase and are ready-to-use. They can be quickly qualified as new additives, and provide corrosion and rust protection.

Owing to their different modes of action, graphene-based Graph’Up Oxi additives and traditional organic or inorganic anticorrosion solutions act in combination, thereby potentiating their respective effects. A thinner layer of paint or varnish can be applied without compromising the expected performance.

The Graph’Up Oxi range is one of the only graphene-based solutions whose performance have been tested according to anticorrosion standards by independent laboratories. The results attest to its effectiveness in paints and varnishes for many applications and in multiple sectors (automotive, aerospace, construction or naval industry).

Performance of the<br />
Graph'Up Oxi Product Range

Performance of the
Graph'Up Oxi Product Range

Graph’Up Oxi solutions are the sole multifunctional anti-corrosion additives available. Beyond corrosion protection, they offer many other advantages to protect materials durably.

  • Available in waterborne (Graph’Up Oxi W) or organic (Graph’Up Oxi S) form
  • Lasting improvement in the anticorrosion performance of the coating: Corrosion rate decreased by more than 30%*
  • Excellent protection against atmospheric, electrochemical, surface or localized corrosion
  • Synergistic with other anti-corrosion additives: allows to reduce the amount of other additives used (i.e. zinc-based) or to achieve better anti-corrosion performance.
  • Reduced blistering
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Improved water-repellent properties 
  • Antiscratch effect, microscratch and UV ray protection
  • Compatible with transparent varnishes and light-colored paints
  • Ready-to-use products: rapid incorporation into the process, thereby reducing CAPEX
  • Alternative to organic and inorganic anti-corrosion additives and pigments subject to stringent regulations
  • Graph’Up Oxi W: can be used to develop more efficient waterborne formulations.
  • Graph’Up Oxi S: for solvent-based industrial epoxy paints with C3 to C5 requirements.

* measurements performed by an independent laboratory

Available in waterborne form
for waterborne formulations

Performance of the<br />
Graph'Up Oxi Product Range

Available in epoxy-based form
for solvent-based formulations

Additional information available upon request. Contact Nicolas Castet:

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Graph’Up Oxi

Graph’Up Preserv

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