Performance additives for the
mechanical reinforcement of materials

Effective solutions for reinforcing materials

Renowned for its reinforcing properties, graphene can be used to improve the mechanical properties of materials, including tensile strength, resistance to crack propagation, impact resistance and temperature resistance.

Through its Graph’Up ranges, Carbon Waters offers ready-to-use graphene-based reinforcement additives to be incorporated into your matrices to maximize the benefits of these properties on all types of composites and polymers, from the most common to the most technical.

Carbon Waters expertise helps reinforce advanced materials

Thermal resistance at high temperature

Graph'Up additives increase the ability of polymers to withstand heat while retaining all their mechanical properties, enabling stability at high operating temperatures. In industry (aerospace or energy storage, for example), the advantage is particularly interesting as it extends the lifespan of parts subjected to high-temperature stress. Manufacturers can therefore make substantial savings, while at the same time adopting an environmentally-friendly approach.

Scratch and impact resistance (coatings and bulk materials)

The Graph'Up enriched coatings are also more resistant to micro-abrasion and scratches, thanks to the increased hardness provided by graphene. Our multifunctional additives improve the resilience of materials and their ability to absorb impacts. As a result, your materials retain their mechanical integrity for longer.

Resistance to crack propagation (organic composites)

Cracks, caused by repeated mechanical stress on a part, are, in some sectors, difficult to avoid (cyclic loading in aeronautics or railways, for example). The challenge is to increase the parts’ toughness to prevent crack propagation and, ultimately, failure. Carbon Waters and its Graph'Up performance additives help prevent these risks, so you can extend the operational status of your materials.

Graph'Up products for the reinforcement of materials

Graph'Up Force: mechanical reinforcement



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