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Carbon Waters design office

Benefit from Carbon Waters’ unique expertise in graphene-based performance additives and evaluate the effectiveness of this multifunctional material for your applications.

Our design office, with its team of experts, offers you customized solutions to meet your requirements, and provides support at every stage of your project, from defining specifications to transfer and pre-industrialization, right through proof-of-concept and optimization.

R&D and
new product development
Transfer to
your process and

Defining specifications

Our design office puts your needs at the heart of its approach. In order to define precise specifications, our experts work in close collaboration with you, taking the time to fully understand your needs and the constraints linked to your project (technical, regulatory, financial, environmental).

Our team will provide you with the most appropriate technical solutions to meet your needs. Once the project content has been validated by both parties, technical development can begin.

R&D and
new product development

Carbon Waters covers the entire R&D and optimization phase to provide you with a customized, fully qualified, high value-added solution. Our team can help you optimize the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of a material using graphene, or develop a completely new product.

Carbon Waters’ expertise and technology:

  • Tailor-made formulations for your industrial applications
  • Expertise in nanomaterial characterization
  • Process development
  • Responsive technical support

Process transfer
and industrialization

In line with your specifications, the solutions developed by Carbon Waters are 100% compatible with your process, while adapting to your economic and integration constraints. Our highly responsive team is ready to visit your premises to analyze your production process on site and make any necessary adjustments. We will also provide you with all product documentation (technical data sheet, safety data sheet, user’s guide) to ensure optimal and safe use of your product.

To ensure that we can provide you with a tailor-made solution as soon as you need it, and in the quantities you require, Carbon Waters is setting up a production unit which will be operational by mid-2024. This will enable us to produce the solutions developed by the Carbon Waters design office on a larger scale. It will be supplemented by additional installations the following year.



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