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A team committed to project success

Our design office offers customized solutions, both technically and economically, to meet the demands of industry. We are committed to close collaboration at every stage of the project, from defining specifications to transfer and pre-industrialization.

You too can benefit from Carbon Waters’ unique expertise in graphene-based performance additives, and validate the efficacy of this multifunctional material for your applications!


Strong commitment to the project

Our design office puts your needs at the heart of its approach.

Thanks to project management proven by dozens of developments, as well as an extensive network of technical experts and technological platforms, we can offer you turnkey support.

Based on an in-house assessment, our engineering and design department proposes a range of technical solutions that take into account all your constraints (technical, regulatory, financial and environmental). Once the optimum solution has been identified, the technical team begins development, with regular updates on progress.

High value-added R&D

Our PhDs and experts in materials, physical chemistry and nanocomposite production offer you a fully qualified solution.

Whether it’s an incremental innovation to optimize the properties of an existing product, or the development of a new product incorporating graphene from the earliest design phases, our R&D team guarantees responsiveness and adaptability to design a solution that meets your needs.

Carbon Waters’ expertise and technology:

  • Creation of tailor-made formulations and masterbatches for industrial applications
  • Unrivalled expertise in nanomaterial characterization and performance measurement
  • Development of innovative processes for fast, reliable industrialization

Ease of industrialization

Carbon Waters takes charge of adapting its technology to your processes.

The solutions developed by Carbon Waters are 100% compatible with your process, while taking into account economic and integration constraints. If necessary, our technical team will visit your facilities to analyze the production process and make any necessary adjustments. We also provide you with all the documentation you need to use the product safely and optimally.

In order to offer these tailor-made solutions on a larger scale, Carbon Waters is setting up industrial production units, the first of which will be operational by 2024.



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