Performance additives for
protective coatings

A range of performance additives
offering multiple solutions

Graphene allows materials to be durably protected against the stresses they may be subjected to throughout their lifecycle. Backed by its expertise in the field and its dedicated technical team, Carbon Waters designs and develops high-performance graphene-based additives for coatings, tailored to industrial applications.

Thanks to its unique properties, our range of additives for coatings (paints, varnishes, etc.) is highly effective and a perfect alternative to traditional anticorrosion and performance additives containing toxic products (zinc, chromium, etc.). Our graphene dispersions are free from toxic substances, so their environmental and health impact is low, an undeniable advantage for manufacturers at a time when regulations are becoming ever stricter in this area.

Graph’Up additives:

The answer to the challenges of protecting materials


Our anticorrosion additives, available in aqueous or solvent-based formulations, limit the corrosion and oxidation of metals, making them more durable. They offer an alternative to zinc- and chromium-based additives, components commonly found in anticorrosion paints and subject to increasingly stringent regulations.


In the marine industry, our additives prevent aquatic organisms from adhering to ship hulls (biofouling). This means less maintenance (cleaning) and optimized energy and/or fuel consumption. Our graphene-based antifouling additives have no impact on marine flora and fauna.

Intumescent coating protection

Carbon Waters' Graph'Up additives improve and stabilize the protective coating of intumescent materials, extending their lifespan.

Conservative effect

Our graphene-based additives have a protective effect that helps limit soiling of the paint film, enabling it to last longer.

Abrasion resistance

Graph'Up limits surface abrasion on coatings, prolonging their lifespan.

Hydrophobic and water-repellent

Graph'Up additives have hydrophobic and water-repellent properties to protect coatings.



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