The Carbon Waters values

Innovation and excellence

Carbon Waters quickly understood the unlimited industrial possibilities of ready-to-use graphene, and also that only perfect technological mastery could fully harness its potential. Our breakthrough technology is integral to our manufacturing process and is supported by six patent families and several awards.

We are constantly innovating in order to anticipate and adapt to market trends, while striving for excellence to offer our customers the best possible products at competitive prices. This vision of innovation is in line with our commitment to a more sustainable, resilient and people-centered society.


At Carbon Waters, diversity is what we’re all about. Each of our employees comes from a different background, with different professional and personal experiences, and each with their own unique culture, making them the person they are today. This diversity is Carbon Waters’ key strength, and enables us to share ideas and experiences on shared projects.

Diversity also characterizes the many possible applications for our graphene-based performance additives. Graphene can improve the performance of any type of material and give rise to a wide range of developments, from energy storage to anti-corrosion coatings.

Our customers are at the heart of our approach

The Carbon Waters spirit means meeting our customers’ needs with solutions, not with products they have to adapt to their own processes and requirements. That’s why our teams are always ready to listen to manufacturers, to fully understand their initial problems and provide the most appropriate response.

As a true partner, Carbon Waters works hand-in-hand with our customers to define the specifications, the technical roadmap and the working method, thus delivering high added value in a limited timeframe. This 100% customer-focused approach ensures that we deliver concrete solutions that satisfy our customers.

Made in France

Since its creation in 2017, Carbon Waters’ head office and R&D and production laboratories have been based in the Bordeaux region, a dynamic area of scientific innovation. Producing our graphene and performance additives in France enables us to control our entire value chain, from design through production and quality control to delivery of the finished product. Our made-in-France approach is synonymous with agility and responsiveness.

This French production also enables us to support an ongoing process of reindustrialization and securing of raw material supplies, a priority for Carbon Waters, which is already actively involved in environmental issues and the decarbonization of industry, notably through various collaborations with our customers.

and social responsibility

The chemical industry is often viewed negatively in terms of its environmental impact. Despite increasingly stringent legislation (notably REACH*), there are still many products on the market that are hazardous or even toxic to both human health and biodiversity.

Carbon Waters is the antithesis of this approach, as we are deeply committed to CSR, promoting a safer, more sustainable industrial environment. Our production process, based on breakthrough technology, consumes few resources, has a low carbon footprint and incorporates the recyclability of raw materials. To take things a step further, we are currently conducting a full ecotoxicity study and lifecycle assessment of our products.

The vast majority of our customers consult us for projects aimed at improving corporate social and environmental responsibility, one of today’s major challenges.

*What is REACH regulation?
REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a European regulation designed to inform users of the risks associated with the use of chemicals marketed in the European Union.

This regulation applies to all chemical substances, whether used in industrial production processes or in finished products such as paints or electrical appliances.



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