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Carbon Waters’ technology: enabling the decarbonization of industry

Carbon Waters has perfected a world-first, low environmental footprint process for the design, development and production of graphene-based performance additives which enhance the properties of conventional materials and introduce new ones. Our advanced materials play a crucial role in improving energy efficiency, helping to decarbonize transport and replace increasingly scarce resources.

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Our process is the result of 15 years of R&D during which Carbon Waters has developed a unique level of expertise in producing stable, homogeneous pre-dispersed graphene in the liquid phase.

This technology, covered by six patents, allows us to offer our customers graphene-based performance additives that can be transferred to a wide range of matrices and which are compatible with the main industrial processes.
Carbon Waters offers the most user-friendly solution on the market, at a low integration cost, while retaining all the extraordinary properties of graphene: thermal and mechanical reinforcement, improved energy efficiency and longer lifespan for materials and coatings.

Carbon Waters additives also offer an alternative to toxic and regulated substances.

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The Carbon Waters team is mainly made up of PhD-level experts in the production and formulation of graphene-based products. Our team is constantly developing and testing new formulations based on customers’ requests and needs.

  • Design and development of graphene-based performance additives
  • Processes and products with a low environmental impact
  • Performance testing
  • Transfer and integration into the final product or material
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Graphene process production: chemical exfoliation

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New Aquitaine and Europe are working together for your region.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the European Union are supporting the Carbon Waters project as part of the 2021-2027 ERDF/ESF Operational Program.



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