Carbon Waters Takes Action to Decarbonize the Industry

Carbon Waters Takes Action to Decarbonize the Industry Carbon Waters 20 February 2023


Faced with the challenges of climate change, diminishing natural resources, and the energy transition, Carbon Waters is developing solutions to reduce the impact of materials and committing to decarbonizing its production processes. Its ambitious road map echoes the government’s action plan to decarbonize the industry.

Carbon Waters has been recognized by BPI France and ADEME [agency for ecological transition] as a decarbonizing start-up (Materials category) and is a winner of the NA20 French Tech program, which seeks to reward companies making a positive impact. The company hopes to put its own processes to the test to decarbonize its practices and develop more virtuous solutions for its clients. Charlotte Gallois explains, “We make graphene-based additives in order to develop advanced materials with enhanced thermal and mechanical properties. Today graphene is allowing us to decrease the weight of some materials and replace others, for example, to replace aluminum with ultra-high performance, resistant polymers.” All these product innovations clearly help to decarbonize, by extending the useful life of materials and coatings. Less use of resources, less energy-intensive manufacturing, and less waste—every box is ticked!

From Start to Finish

After Carbon Waters made its proactive commitment to CSR, it continued on its ethical path by spearheading a no-holds-barred approach to decarbonizing its industrial processes. On the road to decarbonization, the start-up is also examining its carbon footprint all along the value chain, from start to finish: supply, manufacturing processes, end of life. Carbon Waters is exploring new pathways for limiting its greenhouse gas emissions. It all starts with sourcing. “Today we are working mainly with an organic solvent and natural graphite. We are currently testing alternative, bio-based solvents, and studying synthetic graphite to see if it will help us reduce our footprint,” notes Gallois. “Our R&D team is also looking into biochar, a bio-sourced raw material created by pyrolysis of rough lumber, to replace graphite over the next few years.” The entire manufacturing process is being closely analyzed, putting in place a recycling loop to reuse 70% of the organic solvent. Gallois adds, “We are entering an era of economy, restraint, and circularity. We have to be a part of it, by making virtuous graphene, produced responsibly, in terms of resource conservation, durability, and reuse.”

A Model Pilot Factory

The company also plans to set itself apart with its pilot factory, currently under production. The factory will be the flagship in Carbon Waters’ “low carbon” strategy, a model production unit for respecting biodiversity and saving energy. Most notably, it will implement processes that consume few resources. Gallois states, “We’re also paying particular attention to the building’s orientation from a climate perspective, and to choosing materials that are less carbon-based and more respectful of the environment.” Carbon Waters is an active player in the decarbonization field. It has just joined the European Macramé program (read article) as well as Cleantech Open France, which is bringing new functionalities to the goal of making the environmental and climate transition.

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