European Program NEW SKIN

European Program NEW SKIN Carbon Waters 6 January 2020


The European consortium NEW SKIN includes 36 organizations and companies, among them Carbon Waters. Our shared goal: finding new nanotechnology-based solutions to improve surfaces.


France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, and Poland. 36 organizations and companies from these eight European countries have been selected to join the NEW SKIN consortium.

With a budget of over 3 million euros, this program aims to find new solutions to improve surfaces, focusing on two priorities:

1.Metallic surfaces

metallic surfaces european program new skin carbon waters

2.Water filtering

waters filtering european program new skin carbon waters

Carbon Waters has received a budget of €100,000 from the consortium to produce graphene dispersion to protect metallic surfaces and reduce corrosion.

“We will produce dedicated formulas based on graphene, and technical and industrial specialists will apply them on certain metallic materials,” explains Alban Chesneau, CEO of Carbon Waters.

“We will focus mainly on steel products for construction. But also on other industrial sectors, such as aeronautics,” adds Chesneau. Thomas Bottein, R&D engineer in charge of surface treatments, will be managing the Carbon Waters project.

Industrial production within Two years

The organizations that started the NEW SKIN consortium include the European Steel Association and the European Cluster of Ceramics. The Swedish University of Uppsala, as well as the Israel Institute of  Technology, have joined the consortium.

And lastly Alphanov, the Bordeaux technological center, and Aperam, the industrial steel specialist, are also part of the program. The shared goal is to find a protective coating for metals, composites, and ceramics that will last for more than 25 years.

The European program, NEW SKIN, will test 55 prototypes including the graphene of Carbon Waters.

The objective is to achieve industrial production within two years if the project is successful.

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