From Classroom to Start-Up

lucie chupin - carbon waters

Carbon Waters scores big with its attendance at two major trade shows next March: JEC World, the global composite materials trade show, and Eurocoat, the gathering for the paints, glues, and adhesives industry. The start-up’s ambition is placing it among the big players in the world of composites and the glues/adhesives/paints industry.

High Performance Thermal Glue

The graphene-enhanced thermal glue carbon waters

The thermal glue that Carbon Waters is developing has shown a +25% increase in thermal diffusion and +12% increase in impermeability.

Sanitary Coatings

Bus handle sanitary coatings

Graphene sanitary coatings could be THE answer to limit the spread of viruses. That’s the research path being pursued by our R&D team.

European Program NEW SKIN

european program NEW SKIN carbon waters

Carbon Waters joins the European Program NEW SKIN. Our shared goal: finding new nanotechnology-based solutions to improve surfaces.

Launch of our reactor

Launch reactor for graphene production

Carbon Waters has recently acquired a reactor to increase the production of its carbonaceous materials and meet industrial demand.

Graphene anti-corrosion protector

graphene anticorrosion protector

Graphene has a very good electrical & thermal conductivity as well as excellent barrier properties, making it an excellent surface protector.

New offices:

Carbon Waters Team 2019 in their new offices Chemminov Pessac France

Carbon Waters has moved to new offices into Cheminnov, the business incubator dedicated to chemical startups in Pessac, France.

Graphene in Malaysia

Carbon Waters' graphene in Malaysia

Graphene Malaysia was held on 29 and 30 October, 2018. Carbon Waters was invited to sign a partnership with the company, Monte Aero.