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INFINIMAT: a major event on graphene and its fields of application

INFINIMAT, a major event on graphene and its fields of application

Save the date! On September 30, at Paris, Carbon Waters will host INFINIMAT, an event dedicated to innovation.

For this first occasion, approximately 30 clients and prospective clients are invited to share and exchange ideas throughout the morning.

INFINIMAT: Infinitely Graphene!

For the first time since its creation, Carbon Waters is organizing a major event on graphene and its fields of application. The startup has invited approximately 30 clients and prospective clients for its first edition of INFINIMAT this coming September 30.

The morning is dedicated to industrial innovations using graphene and will feature four highlights. “First, we are going to present graphene’s various forms and qualities. Showcasing the graphene developed by Carbon Waters, particularly in terms of production processes,” explains Charlotte Gallois, Business Developer.

Standardization: a Major Concern

Next, Georges Favre, director of the LNE Nanotech Institute, will shed some light on relevant nanomaterials regulation, especially the need for standardization of graphene. Charlotte Gallois continues, “It’s an area of particular concern. Industrialists need some clarity on it, considering the numerous types and qualities of graphene. This is why Carbon Waters is greatly invested in the standardization process.”

The third highlight will be the concrete industrial applications of the graphene developed by Carbon Waters: anticorrosion properties, biocide coatings, thermal conductivity, optimization of mechanical properties of materials will all be discussed, as well as many other topics.

After a morning packed with learning and feedback, we will close out the event, INFINIMAT, with an exchange of ideas over a casual breakfast.

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