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A nanorecipe to make the best homemade iced mint tea and other cooling liquids

Hello everyone!

Today I am giving you the nanorecipe for homemade iced mint tea. It’s so refreshing, especially when you jazz it up with Grandma’s secret ingredient.

Cooling liquids are used in numerous types of equipment, like in airplanes, for example, or in the servers that allow us to watch our favorite shows.

These liquids prevent equipment from overheating and stop the occurrence of hot spots that can damage this very useful equipment. The liquids are often oils with additives generally used to optimize various properties, depending on the application in question.

But as usual, there are limits, particularly in the thermal performance of the oils.

Here is our nanorecipe. It’s so simple, but so effective at preventing “hot flashes”!

First, the ingredients:

You’ll need oil, mineral oil for example, probably already additized according to the application you are using it on, and an organic dispersion of graphene.

Be sure that you have already determined that the oil and the graphene dispersion are compatible. The choice of ingredients is crucial!

Preparation, the critical stage:

Mix the oil and the graphene well in the right proportions so that the graphene is well dispersed, while ensuring good stability.

Lastly, the cooking stage:

This last step involves bringing the preparation to a boil to get the perfect concentration.

Watch out, it’s cold! In fact, when properly prepared, this recipe for graphene-enriched oil will significantly increase the oil’s heat dissipation properties and thereby improve its cooling capacity.

Go on, help yourself! No need to use this innovation in moderation!

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