Charlotte’s nanorecipes: How to make a great onion stock and other graphene derivatives

Charlotte’s nanorecipes: How to make a great onion stock and other graphene derivatives Graphene 1 March 2021


A nanorecipe to make a great onion stock and other graphene bouillons

Hello everyone!

Today I am offering you a cooking mainstay: onion stock, the essential ingredient used to enhance the flavor of so many recipes.

When it’s peeled correctly, graphene is an additive that can be used sparingly to enhance the mechanical, thermal, barrier, or electrical properties of many materials, such as polymers, composites, oils, concrete, and more.

So how do you get from the raw material of graphite to graphene that is stable in water?

Here is our recipe for a delicious, well-peeled graphene stock.

First, the ingredients:

You’ll need some good quality graphite, salt, and water. And that’s all!
The salt ions are released in the water, thereby stabilizing the graphene. Otherwise, the layers of graphene tend to restack, losing all their flavor.

Preparation, the critical stage:

Salt the graphite and stir until it turns a nice golden color. Next, add one full cup of solvent and let sit till the layers of graphene separate nicely. Then strain the stock to remove any remaining lumps.

Lastly, the cooking stage:

Simmer slowly over low heat to remove any extra solvent and develop the full graphene aroma, until you obtain the famous Graphene Water. The water will retain its flavor for over six months, even at room temperature.

There you have it—the perfect ingredient to spice up the performance of your materials. At Carbon Waters, we pour a little of it into everything. It’s a real treat!

Go on, help yourself! No need to use this innovation in moderation!

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