Exploiting Carbon Waters’ potential to take the start-up to the next level

Exploiting Carbon Waters’ potential to take the start-up to the next level Carbon Waters 11 May 2023


Mahbub Morshed has joined Carbon Waters a few months ago as Manufacturing and Maintenance Director. Living in France for eight years now, this young science enthusiast already has significant experience in this domain. Let’s learn more about him and what he does everyday at Carbon Waters.

You started your professional path in Bangladesh, the country you were born in?

Mahbub Morshed: That’s right. I completed my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and polymer science in 2009. Afterwards, I have worked there for three years at Nestlé as a plant engineer.

Your studies have made you travel a lot, especially in Europe?

MM: With a great passion in science and in chemical process engineering, I moved to Europe in 2012 with the Erasmus mundus scholarship for my master’s degree in Membrane Engineering (which is a special program on molecular separation technologies). Thanks to this program, I have experienced studying in different European universities (France, Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands) and gained competences on material science (at Université de Montpellier, France), simulation & modelling (at University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic), nanoscience & nanotechnologies (at Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain) and nanoparticles separation (at Universiteit Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands).

Then you decided to stay in France…

MM: In continuation to this study, I followed my PhD program in France from 2015 to 2019 at ENSIC (École Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques), LRGP (Laboratoire de Recherche en Génie des Procédés) which is part of CNRS at the Université de Lorraine in Nancy. Thanks to my PhD, I gained an extensive experience of working on process, products, and molecular engineering with a special focus on nano-catalysts separation from organic solvents by membrane technologies. I really appreciated my experience there and especially living in this beautiful country that is France. That’s why after my PhD I decided to stay in the country and then worked for two years at Sensient Technologies, a leading global manufacturer of colors, flavors, and other specialty ingredients, as a Process Developer. This experience helped me achieving necessary skills for process scale-up, industrial production and maintenance.

And now Carbon Waters…

MM: I find the work of producing graphene nanomaterials is fascinating, I have always wanted a career in this domain. So, when I saw this opportunity at Carbon Waters, I couldn’t let it pass by! Here, the novelty of technologies and aspects of smart material fabrication attracts me the most. The journey to create new generation materials which are environment friendly and replacing toxic ones are captivating. I feel happy and proud to be a part of the activities of Carbon Waters! I see the company’s potential and want to be part of its development. Now is the perfect time to take Carbon Waters to the next level and make it the leader of graphene-based performance additives. Here every single day counts; life in Carbon Waters (and in Bordeaux!) is exciting…

Could you tell us a bit more about your job of Manufacturing and Maintenance Director?

MM: My day-to-day activities include various missions. On the one hand, I’m in charge of managing production and the production team. I make sure we achieve production target to meet both internal and external demand, as well as leading continuous process improvement & innovations. On the other hand, I also work on scaling-up present laboratory capacity to industrial production, which includes pilot-plant design and execution but also ensuring safety in both lab and industrial scale production. Last, but not least, I also ensure process maintenance, quality control in every step of production to deliver final products with defined quality standard.

It seems like a lot of work!

MM: It’s true I have no time to get bored, but I enjoy my job and being part of Carbon Waters. Like I said, I’m really fascinated about graphene and all the perspectives this material can bring. Moreover, I feel very lucky to work in a positive and solution-oriented company. Here, everyone can count on each other. They easily communicate and are enthusiast to test and implement new things. It’s a very supportive and collaborative team with which it is a real pleasure to work every day: any professional challenge at Carbon Waters doesn’t stay as a challenge for a long time. Together, we always find solutions and move forward towards a positive future. Thanks to this great team spirit I can say working every day at Carbon Waters is a joyful expression of life!

What could you tell us on a more personal note?

MM: In my free time, I enjoy reading, especially everything related to philosophy, yoga, positivity… To give you an idea, I’m currently reading Tao Te Ching (The Book of the Way) by Lao Tzu, a short book of principles about life addressing subjects like love, ecology, and virtues such as humanity or prudence. I also love Indian classical music and enjoy playing. At home, I have few instruments: guitar, sitar, violin… Finally, I like traveling to get to know people who live in other places, visiting museums, historic sites and famous places.

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