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New Anticorrosion Concentrate Made of Graphene


Carbon Waters’ new anticorrosion Masterbatch made of preformulated graphene will hit the building and construction market in 2021.

The Masterbatch has received support from both the Ministry of Research and a European program. Read more about this product focused on respecting humans and nature from Alban Chesneau, CEO of Carbon Waters.

After two years of R&D, Carbon Waters is marketing its first anticorrosion Masterbatch. Manufactured in Pessac (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region), of preformulated graphene. The concentrate offers a durable, high-performance solution for building and construction professionals.

As CEO Alban Chesneau explains, “Most anticorrosion products on the market are made from zinc. Zinc is unstable in water, and has proven to be highly toxic to aquatic fauna.

Unlike traditional formulations, our product is concerned with respect for humans and the environment. It contains no organic solvents and no additives, and it remains stable for several months at ambient temperature.”

A Durable, Local Supply Chain

Another major advantage is that the graphite used by Carbon Waters comes from Germany, where it is made synthetically. This preserves natural graphite resources. “It’s a real benefit, because zinc-based formulations depend mostly on Asia, which holds 60% of deposits.

The health crisis has highlighted all the flaws in relying heavily on Asia for supplies and manufacturing,” says Alban Chesneau. “Now more than ever, it’s important to have a closer, more durable supply chain.”

One to Five Tons per Month by 2022

Two industrial paint manufacturers are currently testing this new solution, while nearly a dozen more are entering the testing phase on our products in the first quarter of 2021.

Discussions are also underway with the railroad, maritime, and aeronautics industries. “Requirements are very strict in these fields, and we are working together with several R&D departments to continually improve the performance of our process,” adds Alban Chesneau.

At the same time, the product’s life cycle will be analyzed and its recycling potential studied in order to become a leader in nanomaterials eco-design. This is a worldwide first for a graphene-based product.

This first year, Carbon Waters is planning on a production capacity of 20-30 liters/month. Then it will ramp up, with a goal of one ton/month within 18 months. Sizeable investments will be made over the course of the year to achieve this.

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