Graphene is an extremely thin carbon sheet displaying unique performances in many areas. Layers of graphene stacked together form a most common form of carbon material, graphite


Graphene is the thinnest known compound and exhibits incredible properties


1 square meter weights around 0.77 milligrams

100-300 times stronger than steel

Excellent conductor of heat at room temperature

Excellent electrical conductivity

Main Production methods

However, graphene is still facing strong difficulties at the production level

Chemical vapor deposition

allows to produce very high quality graphene but involved many toxic chemicals and it is still to grow graphene layers on a large scale using this techniques. Moreover, it is extremely hard to separate graphene layers from its metallic substrate without damaging the graphene

Oxidation reduction

allows to produce graphene in a more industrializable scale but at a very limited quality. This type of graphene does exhibit performances that do not fully industrial needs and limit the performances of the applications


is a major progress in the graphene production process. However, until recently, it was not possible to precisely control the production parameters and then obtain a graphene with specific properties

high quality graphene dispersion solutions


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