Our unique graphene

Why our Graphene is (so) wanted?

Per definition, graphene is a perfect, defect-free single layer of carbon, exhibiting exceptional properties. In reality, there is no large-scale production of such high-quality material.


There are different types of graphene available on the market, exhibiting different properties and therefore different advantages and disadvantages. e.g. purity, quality, and the scalability to industrial production.


Carbon Waters masters a graphene production method which sets us apart from other suppliers and brings the possibility of using “real” graphene.


Our product, “Eau de graphène”, exhibits exceptional properties. He is singled out in particular by the absence of organic solvents and surfactants. Additionally, our high-quality graphene dispersion offers versatility without the security limitations of graphene in powder form or VOCs contents.

What is graphene identity card of grap'up the graphene by carbon waters

Why our graphene is more flexible?

Carbon Waters can produce graphene directly in a liquid dispersion which allows a very broad flexibility in applications.


As our graphene can be produced in aqueous and organic solvents, it is compatible with a great variety of formulation matrices.


Moreover, this graphene form is also adapted for a lot of industrial deposition process: electrodeposition, spray, inkjet and others.