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High Performance Thermal Glue

The graphene-enhanced thermal glue carbon waters

After some promising initial testing, the first graphene-based thermal glue is scheduled to appear in 2022. We revisit this achievement that “sticks to” its market expectations.

At first, it looks like any other glue. Or almost. The graphene-enhanced thermal glue that Carbon Waters is developing will offer numerous properties, while preserving every bit of its adhesive performance. Its improved impermeability to water will counter the common problem of oxidization in microelectronic components. Another benefit is its strong thermal conductivity, which optimizes heat dissipation and limits hot spots.

Electronics Overheating

Carbon Waters CEO Alban Chesneau explains, “Today, our smartphones are true technological marvels, packed with components that are increasingly miniaturized and powerful. Having these densely packed electronics in a small space causes problems with batteries overheating and fire hazards.” With its new glue, Carbon Waters is putting the industry to the challenge by offering an innovative solution for the microelectronic, aeronautic, space, and defense sectors.

Thermal Glue On The Way

The thermal glue is currently under development. Initial testing has shown some convincing results, with a +25% increase in thermal diffusion and +12% increase in impermeability. These are real advantages for any electronic system subjected to humid or tropical environments.

A prototype is being manufactured, and the product should be on the market by 2022.

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