Euronaval 2020 online version

Euronaval Ahoy!

UPDATE: Following recent sanitary events (COVID-19), this 2020 edition of Euronaval will be online.

Carbon Waters is proud to be selected to promote its innovative technologies at the SEAnnovation space during the Euronaval trade show.

For over 50 years, Euronaval has been the world’s biggest meeting place for innovation and naval technologies of the future. It is a select location where international industrialists and purchasers in the naval industry from five continents come together.

With an eye to the future, the show is also intent on highlighting startups as the core of the sector’s innovation and agility. For this reason, it is offering the SEAnnovation area, created in partnership with Starburst and the Groupement des Industries de Construction et Activités Navales (French Marine Industry Group, or GICAN). This window on technology is also supported by Naval Group.

The form of graphene innovated by Carbon Waters has made the semimetal’s limitless applications possible on an industrial scale, particularly in anticorrosion. The company’s cutting-edge developers have once again been rewarded, with this promotion at SEAnnovation.

Says Charlotte, “It’s a great opportunity to present our innovations to the main decision-makers and industrialists the world over, and we can’t wait to take part in Euronaval!”

“Graphene has a unique performance in terms of anticorrosion, antifouling, and improving thermal and mechanical resistance properties. The benefits for the naval industry are infinite, and Carbon Waters is anticipating strong growth in its activity in this strategic sector,” she adds.