Dia-adine Hamoudi Marketing Communication Carbon Waters

Interview with Dia-adine Hamoudi


Dia-adine Hamoudi came to Carbon Waters by way of a work-study program. Today he is in charge of marketing and communication. At age 27, this young “jack of all trades” recognizes the vast freedom afforded by the startup.

Below, a conversation with this lover of all things Japanese who, at one time, dreamed of opening a manga café in Bordeaux! 

Your professional path

At 27, your professional path appears to be varied and fairly atypical…

It’s true! After getting my bac degree in electronic engineering and a senior technologist certificate, I focused on an undergraduate degree with a major in embedded systems in Toulouse.

In 2016, I continued this training with a master’s in electronics. At the same time, I joined a Junior-Entreprise that was providing services for industrialists.

It was a great opportunity because I worked on many projects. And most of all, I realized I liked the entrepreneurial spirit. 

A major turning point

Then in 2017, you switched gears: you decided to focus your studies on entrepreneurship.

I was actually planning to open a manga café, a concept straight out of Japan. I love Japanese culture, both the technology aspect and the cultural aspect of the country, especially manga.

Based on this idea, I enrolled in the student-entrepreneur training at the University of Bordeaux connected with its Institut d’Administrations des Entreprises (IAE, or graduate school of management). 

This experience made me want to continue my studies, which I did in October 2018 by starting a master’s at the business school with a work-study program at Carbon Waters. 

What made you choose Carbon Waters? 

I was attracted to Carbon Waters for its startup spirit and its ultra technical field of operations. It’s a young company that combines technology and entrepreneurship, which are two of the main threads woven into my career path.

I especially like the multifaceted activities and the cross-sector management that facilitates cocreation. Unlike the silo mentality in management, decisions are made in a collegial way and creativity is always appreciated.

Carbon Waters is fertile ground—you never get bored here. I finished my work-study program last August, and I followed that up right away with a permanent contract! 

What are your main tasks? 

I am in charge of crafting Carbon Waters’ digital marketing strategy, with one major goal: develop our visibility on social networks and draw in new prospects.

I also provide marketing support to the sales team for their ideas and upcoming strategies.

Right now we’re preparing the launch of an epoxy-graphene masterbatch with anticorrosion properties. That allows me to put into practice my thesis topic: “How can a startup market an industrial innovation?”