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Trade shows, Carbon Waters Knocks it out of the Park

Carbon Waters Knocks It out of the Park

Carbon Waters has had a very busy start to the year, participating in numerous trade shows. As a bonus, the targeted business meetings have provided the company with excellent business and networking opportunities.

Paris Space Week, Techinnov, Eurocoat, Jec…2022 started off with a bang for Carbon Waters, who made a strong impression at the many shows it attended. The start-up stood out at the Eurocoat Expo, for example, held last March 29-31 in Paris. This high-level gathering drew players in the paints, glues, and adhesives field to see the latest trends and innovations, including graphene. Charlotte Gallois, account manager, tells us, “In addition to the targeted meetings and business meetups, we had the opportunity to present graphene’s properties as an additive in protective coatings. Industrialists showed interest in our Graph’Up solutions by asking many questions about its anticorrosion capabilities, but they were also interested in thermal and electrical conductivity applications.”

Another major show for Carbon Waters was Paris Space Week, held last March 14 and 15. Over the course of two days, this B2B event hosted the main actors in the space and aerospace industries. Says Gallois, “We took part in about a dozen prequalified B2B meetings and used the occasion to make new connections, strengthen our client ties, and reaffirm the needs in the sector.” The industrialists in attendance were eager to hear about an economical alternative to thermal glues as well as extending the lifespan of composites, and their thermal resistance.

These topics were also explored at Techinnov, which had 2000 participants, including 600 start-ups, who presented their solutions to stakeholders in the luxury, battery, naval, and railroad sectors. “These types of meetings are always fruitful, because they allow us to meet both major accounts and small- and intermediate-sized companies, to develop our network,” adds Gallois.

The company also took advantage of its growing success to attend the FIP at IMD (France Innovation Plasturgie – Innovative Materials Days), for the first time. It had a dedicated booth where it introduced graphene’s properties to the industrialists in attendance.

The last must-see show was Jec World, on May 3-5 in Villepinte. Gallois tells us, “This global show devoted to composite materials drew more than 40,000 visitors from 115 countries. This is our third appearance at this event, and we had the opportunity to be one of the 19 companies represented at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine booth.” The company’s excellent visibility translated into many qualified meetings and a growing demand for information on epoxy-graphene solutions for the aeronautic, automotive, construction, and energy fields.

Carbon Waters is set to attend more professional events during the course of the year. These include K2022, October 19-26 in Dusseldorf, a global meeting of plastics and rubber industry leaders. Carbon Waters will have a chance to meet with international players at its booth shared with Polymeris at the French Pavilion. Gallois concludes, “We will be on site through October 21 to get a feel for the market and present graphene’s benefits for the various rubber/plastics industries.”

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