Graphene shoes by Inov-8

Graphene Shoes

Sport industry is a market always looking for technical innovation that can provide a boost to athletes. For this past decade, some sport industrials worked with graphene companies to use this new material to develop a new range of products and give a decisive competitive advantage.

Shoes boosted by graphene

University Manchester collaborated with Inov-8 Graphene Shoes
Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan

Graphene is now known as an amazing material that can be used as an additive in a large range of applications. Indeed, it exhibits very interesting physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Hence, it allows to substantially improve the material’s performances.

Used as an additive, graphene enhances material performances.

Inov-8 is a company that produces high quality sport goods to athletes and adventure-seeking hikers. Renowned as the world leader in grip, Inov-8 has always been seeking for disruptive technologies to keep their edge. Therefore, they started to develop a graphene-based rubber for enhancing their grip in December 2016.

This UK based company collaborates with the National Graphene Institute and launched the first-ever sports footwear incorporating graphene, G-SERIES & G-GRIP.

With this innovation, they are delivering the world’s toughest grip! According to ASTM, an ISO testing standard for elastomer, this shoe is proven to be 50% harder, 50% more elastics and 50% harder wearing.

Such a product demonstrates the ability of graphene to improve significantly material’s performances.

A Showcase for material innovations

Sport equipment is a market where the performance is the heart of the business, in particular for companies providing high quality goods. As graphene gives endless possibilities for manufacturing sport goods it leads to a major innovation in this sector.

It’s also an opportunity for graphene’s companies to test their products in order to demonstrate their efficiency in the sport industry. As well as carbon fibres that were first used in tennis racquets 25 years before being introduced into an aircraft, showing graphene performance into the sport industry can bring products faster on the market and increase credibility.

Moreover, the latest progress on the production process makes graphene now more affordable with a cost decreasing steadily.

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Although this new material seems to be easy to work with, industrials still need the advice of experts. Carbon Waters has been working on very similar cases and has now a global vision on how graphene can positively interact as an additive in different kind of materials.

Currently, research has been focusing mainly on improving high-tech equipment with graphene. Nowadays, we started to see that graphene’s incorporation is been extended to all sports. Indeed, we can already find it in tennis, skiing, surfing or cycling.

An endless horizon of possibilities

Tip ofthe iceberg graphene's potential carbon waters
Why using graphene in sport equipment ?

As seen for the shoes, graphene brings better performances in different ways: mechanical resistance, hardness and elasticity. However graphene is also leading to innovation for lighter and more flexible material as well as in thermoregulated equipment.


Currently, the applications carried out in this sector are only the tip of the iceberg. More and more companies are putting this strategy into their core business, such as Innov-8. Thanks to their innovative shoes boosted by graphene, Inov-8 have make a breakthrough in the sport shoes industry.

That’s why sport industry has been rapidly interested in graphene. Beyond marketing arguments showing off incredible performances, new projects carried out with graphene’s specialists allows the development of new and better products.

Incorporated graphene into applications needs to be conduct by expert on the subject. There are different forms of graphene exhibing differents properties.