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Graphene FAQ Page
Learn all about graphene
What is graphene?

Graphene is only composed of carbon, like diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. However, graphene is a 2d material where one single layer of carbon atoms – that is less than a nanometer, one hundred thousand time thinner than a hair -, is arranged in a honeycomb structure. This sets it apart from other carbon forms because its unique structure leads to exceptional properties.

What Is Graphene Used For?

Graphene has exceptional properties making it a candidate for enhancing a tremendous number of applications ! It would take hours to list it all but here are some of the main applications : Since it behaves as a perfect barrier to gas and liquid, it can be used to protect surfaces from environnemental agressions such as corrosion or non-aqueous fluids. With its great thermal and mechanical properties, it can enhance materials when toughness or thermal management are needed while keeping its lightness.

Why Do We Hear About Different Graphene Types ?

Graphene, as a single layer of atoms of Carbon arranged in a honeycomb structure without defects, is more a theoretical material than a real/physical one. In an industrial world it is impossible to produce it. Other materials similar and easier to produce at large scale are presented on the market as graphene. To differentiate them, scientists put in place a graphene nomenclature. (Cf. graphene exposed/Alan P. Kauling et al., The Worldwide, Graphene Flake Production. Advanced Materials (2018))

Discover the particularity of our graphene
How Our Graphene Is Used?

There are two main ways of using Carbon Waters graphene : we generally use it as an additive to a certain formulation; it can be an oil, paint, vernish or polymeric resin… In this case only a very small amount is needed to see an improvement ! In some cases, we can also deposit a pure graphene coating onto a surface. The best is still to come to us ! We will be pleased to advice you on the best way to incorporate graphene to enhance your material !

Why Our Graphene Is The Best?

Many types of graphene are available on the market with very different properties. The special features of the Carbon Waters graphene, which are the low number of layers and the small amount of defects, allows to retain most of graphene real properties making it the ideal partner for your project.

Our Graphene Particularity

The Carbon Waters Graphene is a water-based dispersion. It contains no surfactant or organic solvent. This property allows to be compatible with many applications and make it safe to use.

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What Are Carbon Waters Activities?

Carbon Waters performs 3 main activities:

  1. Production of high quality graphene in aqueous dispersion.
  2. Development of Industrial solutions for clients via our engineering office.
  3. Internal R&D on the development of graphene MasterBatchs for protective coatings.