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Carbon Waters

Carbon Waters holds an unparalleled expertise in graphene production, its deposition on surfaces or as additive


Protected by 3 patents, this disruptive innovation is the result of 10-year R&D effort conducted within the CNRS


Created in 2017, Carbon Waters is now supported by three investment funds NACO, ACI, Techno’Start and has already been awarded several times, in particular by JEC World, M2i  and Hello Tomorrow

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 866618



Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

BPI France

Bordeaux Technowest


France Chimie

Our Product

Our main product is a graphene dispersion that has been developed after more than 10 years of research. This is an unprecedent breakthrough at many levels


The very high quality of our graphene dispersion is testified through numerous  analyses such as Raman, UV-Visible Absorption, TEM or TGA


Unlike many others graphene production process, we are able to achieve a very specific level of quality according to the customer needs


The aqueous form, free from organic solvent or additives guarantees complete safety with biological environments and tissues

carbon waters graphene dispersion liquid graphene

Liquid Graphene Dispersion

Latest News

  • Carbon Waters attends JEC World for the second time JEC World, the international composites trade fair, was held in Paris-Villepinte from March 12 to 14. Invited last year as part of a start-up contest, Carbon Waters was present this year at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine pavilion with......

  • Graphene, an excellent anticorrosion protector Carbon Waters produces stable dispersions of graphene in water and deposits them on metal surfaces by electroplating; it is the only company in the world to achieve this feat. The result is a graphene of superior quality, especially to fight......

  • Carbon Waters new offices in Cheminnov One year after its creation, Carbon Waters has moved into Cheminnov, the business incubator dedicated to chemical startups. Thanks to this installation, the Carbon Waters team will be even more efficient. That will accelerate our developments and increase the......

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