Liquid Graphene Company

Carbon Waters

Carbon Waters creates an innovative form of graphene. Our unique graphene dispersion technology enables industry to develop materials with enhanced and controlled performance.


Carbon Waters offers its customers industry-based developments to optimize product performance through specific integration of graphene dispersion.


Protected by three patents, this disruptive innovation is the result of 10 years of R&D efforts at the CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research) brought to the industry by Carbon Waters.


Created in 2017 and based in Pessac, France, Carbon Waters now has strong financial backing from both public and private investors.


The company has already been recognized with several awards, from groups such as JEC World, CETIM (the French Technical Center for Mechanical Industry), the French Ministry of Research and Innovation (I-Lab), as well as by the Industrie du Futur challenge.

Our expert team

The Carbon Waters Expert Team, made up of staff with highly advanced academic degrees in materials, coatings, and surface treatments, is experienced in working with graphene and developing products to client specifications.

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