A graphene manufacturer
& formulation designer

The company

Carbon Waters is a specialty chemicals company designing, developing, and manufacturing the next generation of ready-to-use multifunctional additives.

After 10 years of R&D at CNRS (a top-level French research organization), our team has optimized this breakthrough technology and scaled up production.

The team

The expert team at Carbon Waters consists of PhD experts in graphene-based formulations and production. We are here to support you at each stage of your project.

Meet our talented members working with us!

Development Unit

Thomas Bottein

Application engineer
Paint & resins formulation development

Lucie Chupin

Application engineer
Polymers & composites formulation development

Camille Daligaud

Paint & resins formulation development

Supported by

Patrick Maestro

Product development

Alain Lemor

Coating development

Process & production unit

Maxime Déniel

Process manager
Process improvement, pilot plant

Fabien Bohic

R&D technician
Graphene production & quality control

Luna Boulbet

Industrial PhD student
Graphene Physico-chemistry

Supported by

Raymond Michel



Alban Chesneau

Management, business development, company organization

Charlotte Gallois

Account manager
Business development & project management

Dia-adine Hamoudi

Marketing & Com manager
Market analysis & communication

Supported by

Pierre Aucher

Servcie business development

Arnaud Franck

Product business development


Élodie Jaubert

Administrative assistant
Accounting, administrative support

Marie-France Dudon

J'adore travailler à Carbon Waters

Supported by

Stéphane Milot

J'adore travailler à Carbon Waters, une passion et une joie immense.

Clément Mayeur


Our values


Carbon Waters is pioneering an innovative graphene form geared toward concrete industrial solutions.

As a chemical company, Carbon Waters is deeply involved in the material challenges of creating a more sustainable, resilient, and human-centric society.


Each collaborator at Carbon Waters comes from a different background, bringing with them all their professional and personal experiences, culture, and curiosity.

Graphene is a universal material that lends itself to a broad array of developments, from energy storage to food packaging.

Added Value

Our customers are asking for solutions, not a product that needs to be adapted to their process.

As a solution provider and partner, Carbon Waters interacts with its customers to fully understand their expectations, define a technical roadmap, and bring high added value and concrete proposals.


Carbon Waters is fully involved in developing a more sustainable and safer industrial environment, with projects on lightweight transportation systems, nontoxic protective coatings, and battery management.

Our process is a technological breakthrough that generates a low carbon footprint and is recycling-friendly. We are currently conducting a full ecotoxicity study, life cycle product analysis, and corporate social responsibility approach.


The company has already received several awards in recognition of its technological breakthrough and its impact on the future of industry.


Carbon Waters is ideally situated in the heart of Bordeaux University, in proximity to numerous material-focused laboratories and companies.

This gives us access to state-of-the-art equipment as well as national experts in physico-chemistry and advanced materials.