A breakthrough in the graphene production process

By its nature, graphene is a perfect, defect-free single layer of carbon that exhibits exceptional properties.

Various types of graphene are available on the market. Each exhibits different properties, and therefore different advantages and disadvantages in terms of purity, quality, and scalability to industrial production.

The core of Carbon Waters’ innovation relies on a technological breakthrough in the graphene production process: CWEP (Carbon Waters Exfoliation Process).

We offer an extremely thin graphene that provides the highest aspect ratio on the market

We provide ready-to-use graphene premixes

The value of graphene lies in its ability to robustly transfer its intrinsic properties into dispersions. This creates products that possess specifically and simultaneously enhanced characteristics.

Our engineering team has now acquired a thorough understanding of graphene behavior in a wide variety of chemical environments, so we can continuously propose new graphene premixes as multifunctional additives.

A reliable source of high-quality liquid graphene

Lack of graphene production standards leads many suppliers to provide poor-quality graphene. To achieve a worldwide standard on graphene quality certification for end users, Carbon Waters has joined the Nanotechnology Commission and the graphene expert group at AFNOR.

Thanks to our collaboration with many institutional partners, as well as innovative companies involved in nanomaterial characterization, Carbon Waters guarantees the highest product quality to its customers.

We Have a Network of Partners That Allows for Full Characterization and Performance Measurement