Viv Healthtech 2020 Carbon Waters invited

Carbon Waters Makes Its Mark at ViV HEALTHTECH

Carbon Waters was invited to the online event ViV HEALTHTECH, to introduce its new additive intended to reduce contamination by destroying viruses and other bacteria in closed spaces.


Last November 9 and 10, Carbon Waters was invited to ViV HEALTHTECH, an all-online event dedicated to the health industry and technological innovation in Nouvelle-Aquitaine [France].

It was an opportunity to present a new additive under development to an audience of health professionals and top local economic actors. “The purpose of this new product for paint and varnish is to reduce contamination in closed spaces: trams, trains, planes, etc.,” explained Carbon Waters CEO Alban Chesneau.

“We’re working very closely with the startup 3DiTex, specialized in technical textiles, and a microbiology platform. We are preparing the liquid part, and 3DiTex is handling surface preparation.”

Capturing and Destroying Microorganisms

Specifically, this new additive, composed of graphene, is diluted in paint and varnish. Its antibacterial activity derives from various mechanisms.

The main mode of action is through the oxidative stress caused by the graphene, which affects the activity of proteins in bacteria and viruses, thus preventing their proliferation.

The bacteria and viruses are then completely destroyed by the combined action of copper and titanium dioxide.

A first version of this additive should be ready in June, with the support of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. After this stage, industrialists specializing in transportation materials are expected to join the project to perform testing under real-world conditions.