Our expertise on surface treatments

Graphene-enhanced surface treatments

When a protection against external environment is required, a surface treatment can be an efficient way to optimize resistance and improve the material properties.


At Carbon Waters, we have developed an expertise in surface treatment using graphene.


Taking advantage of graphene impermeability (barrier to gas and solvents) and chemical inertness, we provide solutions tailored to client’s requirements.

How to prevent corrosion with graphene surface treatment

Our deposition techniques

We can provide graphene-enhanced surface treatment adjusted to a wide range of materials: metals, plastics, polymers and composites.


Our capabilities include various deposition techniques such as electrodeposition, spray, dip-coating and inkjet.


Each technique has its own specificity and we work closely with our clients to define the most effective protocol according to their needs in order to deliver the best added-value.



Dip Coating