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Sanitary Coatings

Bus handle sanitary coatings

The current epidemic is having a large impact on our daily lives and our economy. But this is also a good time to focus on innovations that can boost our health safety in the short term, as well as the long term.

To date, many labs, industries, and countries have created unprecedented programs and investments in this field. Carbon Waters has joined the ranks of these exciting innovators. Details below.

Carbon Waters and 3DiTex Launch New Endeavor—Sanitary Coatings  

Consider this: Graphene could be THE answer to limit the spread of viruses. That’s the research path being pursued by the R&D team at Carbon Waters. Their goal? Take advantage of the properties of graphene in the health field. 

Numerous initiatives that use graphene, particularly as a component of surgical masks, emerge in record time. Government officials in places like the city of Nancy have distributed masks marked “graphene” to the public since the start of May. Developed by the company BioSerenity, the masks are manufactured in China.

Electrostatic and Virucidal Properties

Far from the headlines, guided by Bertrand Laine, head of the startup 3DiTex, that specializes in innovative textiles and composites, Carbon Waters has invented a coating made of polymer or resin enriched with nanomaterials.

What’s so beneficial about this breakthrough discovery? The coating is compatible with all types of surfaces and has some very useful properties for the field of health. Its electrostatic effect, caused by the graphene, captures charged micro-organisms on the surface of the coating.

It also acts as a virucidal or bactericidal agent due to its graphene content, as well as other nanomaterials, such as copper. Its mission is monumental: to drastically reduce the spread of contamination (by any type of micro-organism) in public transit, public spaces, and enclosed spaces where crowds gather.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region Sponsors Project

The project is financially supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region of France. It unites multiple regional stakeholders in addition to 3DiTex and Carbon Waters.

To begin the project, Aquitaine Microbiologie is going to design and run tests to measure the effects of nanomaterials on the growth of micro-organisms.

At the same time, the CNRS [French National Center for Scientific Research] and a university group will perform characterizations on nanomaterials.

Carbon Waters R&D engineer Héloïse Delpouve has already begun initial testing prior to developing the coating.

Several industrialists specializing in transportation materials are eager to see the prototype, to be completed by spring 2021. It will then be displayed at several trade shows, such as JEC, the international composites show.

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