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Paris Space Week 2021

Paris Space Week 2021

For the second year in a row, Carbon Waters has participated in Paris Space Week. Joining nearly 1000 participants on line. The theory has been proven: with its unique properties, graphene is ready to conquer space.

Graphene Poised to Conquer Outer Space

With 1.000 participants, 40 conferences, and 9.000 qualified business meetings, Paris Space Week was a great success. Despite the crisis, demonstrating that its attendees are willing to innovate and move ahead.

The trade show took place digitally last March 9–10, 2021. Gathering the major players in aeronautics, space, and defense. As well as institutions, to examine the new challenges of space exploration.

Carbon Waters took advantage of the event to meet the big purchasers and show them graphene’s many properties. While they may be small, these nanoparticles could play a big role in the years ahead.

Recycling Rockets

Due to its ability to resist strong physical and thermal constraints, graphene is the perfect solution to the miniaturizing of increasingly powerful electronic components. Charlotte Gallois tells us, “Not only does it facilitate the discharge of excess heat, it also ensures better temperature diffusion.”

Used as an additive,* it increases the useful life of materials by strengthening their resistance in environments that can be quite harsh, while not weighing them down.

This “super power” of graphene ticks all the boxes on the projects of several stakeholders, such as Space X and the CNES. In fact, these entities want to develop reusable capsules and components.

Charlotte Gallois notes, “That requires materials that are both light and ultra-resistant to corrosion, heat, and shock.”

A graphene epoxy premix is currently being tested. That premix should be the answer to improving materials’ mechanical and thermal performance.

* in paints, varnishes, polymers, and composites

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