Launch reactor for graphene production

Launch of our reactor

Increasing our production

Carbon Waters has recently acquired a reactor to increase the production of its carbonaceous materials and meet industrial demand.

A new milestone reached for Carbon Waters: since this summer, our company has a production reactor on a laboratory scale. This equipment is taking us one step further on our objective to scale-up the process, allowing us to increase the production of our graphene dispersions.

On one hand, this reactor is essential for developing the proof-of-concept services that we offer to industrial players. On the other hand, it allows us to design our own range of products, particularly for anti-corrosion applications.

“We are therefore improving the efficiency of the process to make it compatible with a pre-industrial scale and significantly reduce our lead-times”, summarises Julia Hof, Process Manager.
Our production capacity now stands at 5 litres per month which is enough graphene dispersion to enrich one hundred litres of resin or to treat several square metres of metal. This reactor will enable Carbon Waters to enter a first phase preparing for future industrial production.

This will include several generations of this reactor, additional equipment for quality assessment conducted 100% by Carbon Waters, and an environmental control through a network of sensors as part of an optimised quality approach.

“It also allows us to have a model system for calculation and up-scaling”, explains Julia, who supervised the implementation of this equipment and now manages its usage.

A custom reactor

Before the arrival of this reactor, we had been optimising the parameters to obtain products with enhanced performances. The production of Eau de Graphène requires taking many parameters into consideration e.g. the raw materials, the type of agitation and the compatibility of materials. While 90% of the reactors are standard, ours is at the heart of our technological innovation and is the result of a cutting-edge expertise in the field of graphene. This step represents both great progress in our production programme and the know-how needed to achieve patentability.

The next step for Carbon Waters is scheduled for the first half of 2020 with the implementation of an integrated production platform.