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Launch of a high-quality graphene dispersion in water

monolayer graphene dispersion in water

Carbon Waters is now distributing its surfactant-free high-quality graphene dispersions to academic and industrial research centers.

Our product, “Eau de Graphène” or “graphene water,” has exceptional properties. Most particularly, it contains no organic solvents or surfactants.

Additionally, our high-quality graphene dispersion offers versatility without the security limitations of graphene in powder form or VOCs.

Carbon Waters conducts industrial oriented developments with its customers in order to optimize product performances through specific integration of its graphene dispersions.

Learn more about how we make our graphene dispersion: Our Technology.

Develop materials with enhanced and controlled performance: Our Applications.

We work closely with our clients to provide the best solutions: Our Services.

If you have any requests, you can contact us directly.

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