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Graphene in Malaysia

Carbon Waters' graphene in Malaysia

Carbon Waters graphene in Malaysia

The leading event in Southeast Asia for the graphene industry, Graphene Malaysia, was held on October 29-30, 2018, in Kuala Lumpur. It attracted approximately 20 speakers and several hundred visitors. Carbon Waters was invited to sign a partnership with the company Monte Aero as part of the NanoMalaysia programs.

The signing of the contract gave rise to an official ceremony (photo) in the presence of the ministers of technology and international trade, the chairman of NanoMalaysia, the director of Monte Aero, as well as CEO Alban Chesneau. “We were spotted at the JEC World event (the leading international composites show) which was held last March in Paris.

Carbon Waters achieved great visibility by being selected as one of the 10 companies to watch in the composites industry. Representatives from Monte Aero approached me and a collaboration began to develop.”

Palm oil, rubber and oil development

The commercial partnership between Monte Aero and Carbon Waters did not come about by chance. Malaysia is a country that produces palm oil and rubber. Adding graphene to these products provides significant value added.

Carbon Waters will work on applications related to rubber for two companies, and also work on oil development for the Petronas University of Technology.

“We’re going to sell them our graphene dispersions,” announced Alban Chesneau, “Initially on a relatively small scale. This is just the beginning but will serve as proof of concept. We have very good potential for development in Malaysia in the coming years, which is an excellent opportunity for Asia in general.”

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