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Graphene Conference 2019

Carbon Waters invited to graphene conference 2019 in rome

Carbon Waters invited to European Graphene Conference in Rome

The world’s leading experts in graphene came together in Rome in June 2019 for the Graphene Conference. A major recognition for Carbon Waters: Our company was invited by the organizing committee to present its work.

At the event, Julia Hof, our process manager, was able to get in contact with numerous industrial players and researchers. The conference consisted of two parts, scientific lectures and an industrial forum.

Since 2011, some 5,700 people from 57 countries have taken part in this event. These participants got to see 2,400 scientific posters, listen to 1,400 speakers, and meet 440 exhibitors.

A special atmosphere reigned over the former Vatican university at this event with a focus on the future of graphene and materials.

Visibility becoming global

“This four-day conference taught me a tremendous amount,” explains Julia. “I focused on application-oriented presentations and was able to gain a state-of-the-art overview of graphene.

“This area is growing fast and it will not be long before we start to see influential products with graphene. I realized that it has been used in a broad range of sectors, from shoes to Zero-G flying!”

Julia introduced Carbon Waters to industrial players, researchers, and PhD students during a 15- minute presentation. “Many of them expressed their interest,” she reported.

“This invitation and the reactions of the audience are an indication of the visibility of Carbon Waters at the international level among both SMEs and major industrial groups. It’s very encouraging!”
The next edition of the Graphene Conference will be held in Grenoble, June 2-5, 2020.

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