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Grand Slam for Carbon Waters

Carbon Waters - Events 2022

Carbon Waters scores big with its attendance at two major trade shows next March: JEC World, the global composite materials trade show, and Eurocoat, the gathering for the paints, glues, and adhesives industry. The start-up’s ambition is placing it among the big players in the world of composites and the glues/adhesives/paints industry.

Carbon Waters will be keeping busy in the New Year! On March 8-10, the start-up will attend JEC World at Paris-Villepinte. With 43,000 visitors, 115 countries, and no fewer than 1300 exhibitors, it is the largest composite materials show in the world! The stakes are high for the company. They must promote graphene’s advances in the composites field, especially its great mechanical resistance and its lightness. Charlotte Gallois, account manager, tell us, “We will once again be sharing a booth with ADI (Innovation Development Agency). This gives us excellent visibility so we canmake international contacts, and turn client meet-ups into signed contracts.” Carbon Waters will also take the opportunity of JEC World to showcase other properties of graphene, such as its strong thermal conductivity. Given the growing scarcity of resources and the geopolitical challenges linked to copper and silver supplies, graphene could provide the perfect solution by becoming a first-rate conductive agent.

Another important rendezvous for the start-up is the biannual Eurocoat trade show, taking place in Paris on March 29-31. This event, focused on the paints, glues, and adhesives industries, will allow the company to highlight all of graphene’s multifunctional qualities: anticorrosion, surface protection, abrasion resistance, preservation. Charlotte Gallois explains, “Unlike nonconductive polymer glues, our graphene additive has very useful thermal conductivity properties for the space industry. With graphene, it will be possible to attach two assemblies, while still providing thermal continuity.” The show will also give the company the opportunity to provide a preview of its Graph’Up line of products.

While they’re on a roll, Carbon Waters will follow up these events with attendance at Paris Space Week and Techinnov. And April’s agenda will be just as full, with the start-up appearing at FIP [France Innovation Plasturgie] in Lyon! Carbon Waters will hit the ground running in 2022 and soon become a top contender in graphene additive development.

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