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Meeting with Fabien Bohic, Physicochemical Analysis Technician


Fabien Bohic, joined the Carbon Waters team last July 2018. As Physicochemical Analysis Technician, he is involved in the production of graphene and ensures the logistics management of the laboratory.

Fabien Bohic was destined to become an archaeologist, then an education assistant. But chemistry took him in a different direction as he was about to turn 30. He became a laboratory assistant when an opportunity arose. Fabien decided to go back to school, and then trained and gained further experience in France and Germany.

There he explored analytical chemistry, polymers, metallurgy, production and R&D. He also discovered the pleasure of working in a dynamic environment and collaborating with chemists from all over the world.

Production of graphene

Arriving at Carbon Waters during the summer, he currently holds the position of Physicochemical Analysis Technician. “I am supporting Julia, Process Manager, and Thomas and Héloïse, who manages application developments”, he explains.

To this end, he is involved in the production of graphene. But also in various research projects relating to opportunities for applications or methods aimed at depositing the solution on the surface.

Having participated in the setting up of a laboratory in Germany, he also took a welcome look at logistics operations and procedures related to safety, quality and respect of environmental issues.

New products and new methods

The exploitation of graphene raises many fascinating questions, from production to the wide range of possible applications. The ideal topic for someone inquisitive!, commented Fabien Bohic. Above and beyond the interest in nanotechnologies, he also appreciates the opportunity to work within a fast-growing start-up.

There is a kind of freedom, very positive in terms of autonomy. And at the same time, everyone understands the need to move forward and rapidly develop new products or new methods of analysis”, he went on.

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