Interview with Carlos Drummond: the origins of Carbon Waters…

Carlos Drummond, Research Director at the CRPP (CNRS) and Carbon Waters shareholder

Carlos Drummond, Director of Research at the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP) for 20 years, is one of the founders of the Carbon Waters project. In this interview, he talks about his background and what led him to launch the Carbon Waters adventure.

A yes vote for a sustainable, high-performance, robust supply chain

Joyakim Davis

At age 30, Joyakim Davis has just joined the Purchasing and Logistics Department at Carbon Waters. Born in Mauritius and French at heart, this graduate student currently in a coop program at ISLI (Institut Supérieur de la Logistique Industrielle, or Institute for Supply Chain Excellence), is championing a bullet-proof supply chain and bio-based sourcing. His profile below.

Interview with Maxime Déniel

Maxime Déniel Process Manager at Carbon Waters

Science and Guitar-Playing, in Perfect Harmony!Graphene strikes a chord Maxime Déniel is an engineer in charge of the graphene production process at Carbon Waters. He has already had an impressive career in chemistry and process engineering. A true fan of science from a very young age, Déniel is also a guitarist in his spare time […]

Interview with Raymond Michel

Raymond Michel is being part of Carbon Waters’ strategy committee and advises the team in charge of designing the future production pilot.