Sanitary Coatings

Bus handle sanitary coatings

Graphene sanitary coatings could be THE answer to limit the spread of viruses. That’s the research path being pursued by our R&D team.

Graphene for Aeronautics and Space

Making graphene for aeronautics and space

Carbon Waters integrated ESA BIC program and have been selected by Starburst, an incubator dedicated to aeronautics and space-tech start-ups.

Euronaval Ahoy!

Euronaval 2020 online version

Carbon Waters is proud to be selected to promote its innovative technologies at the SEAnnovation space during the Euronaval trade show.

How to differentiate Graphene

Graphene production processes

They are many type of graphene from different production processes. Currently there are 4 production processes to create graphene.

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical Exfoliation production process

Chemical exfoliation is an top-down approach to obtain graphene in dispersion from graphite, this method is mastered by Carbon Waters.

Oxidative Exfoliation

Oxidative exfoliation graphene production process

For the oxidative exfoliation method, graphite is oxidized under harsh conditions to obtain graphite oxide. And then make graphene oxide.